• Pigment Control And Blending Cream 2.7 ounces

Pigment Control And Blending Cream 2.7 ounces

  • $60.00

This blending crème containing 4% hydroquinone, the optimal concentration for melanin inhibition to correct skin pigmentation disorders. BENEFITS
Helps even skin tone
Helps optimize delivery of active ingredients
Helps reduce irritation associated with hydroquinone
Hydrates newly exposed skin
4% hydroquinone: Suppresses pigment production
Glycolic acid and ascorbic acid: Purges appearance of surface pigmentation
Glycerin: Hydrates newly exposed skin
Saponins: Modulates the unwanted appearances from inflammatory response
Vitamin E and butylated hydroxytoluene: Provides antioxidant properties
Ethylhexyl palmitate: Skin conditioner, barrier restoration
Phenyl trimethicone: Barrier film, penetration enhancement
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Apply 2 pumps to affected areas twice a day or as directed by a physician. Always follow with sunscreen protection. See enclosed package insert for full prescribing information.